shrek is the god of self confidence

when you realize lord farquaad’s name is actually “fackwad”… or the actual word

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his mom wants his gf to take care of him like a mother would

Recently, bearfriend’s stepdad and mom gave him a letter about how he was a failure in life, and in it, he listed me as a failure. 

He talked about how I didn’t have an apartment to my name, and that I wasn’t willing to live together with bearfriend. 

Here’s my 2 cents on the situation:

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*teacher hands you test*
“sorry I’m not interested”

A kid actually said this to me.

I said to her, “I’m not asking if you’re interested; I’m not a waiter and this isn’t a restaurant. This is a test and this is a class and you’re a student so you’re going to do it.”

She rolled her eyes and gave an exasperated sigh.

I said to her, “I feel no pity.”

Note: She’s one of those kids you know is gonna turn into a b-word when she grows up.

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